Mosaic Template

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1 - Please note that Tinyme has multiple templates available. The Mosaic template (Timmy) has a 5mm between each tile. The Photo Wall Standard template (Terry) has a 19mm gap between each individual photo. The Photo Wall Mini template (Tilly) has a 5mm gap between each individual photo. Please ensure you select the correct template when ordering.

2 - The Mosaic Template (Timmy Template) is included and comes FREE with any Decor Mosaic & Photo Mosaic order. Only purchase Timmy Template separately if your included Timmy Template is damaged or lost.


Say Hi to "Timmy Template", our Mosaic Template! He will be your assistant when setting up your wall art masterpiece.

Timmy Template has been designed to make aligning your Decor Mosaic or Photo Mosaic masterpiece suuuuper easy. Simply follow the steps listed in the instructions page (click here to view) and together you two can make quick work of creating your modern wall artwork!


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