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Want to motivate, encourage, and reward young bright students? Then Tinyme’s Teacher Stickers are just the answer! Our full colour Teacher Stickers are printed at a very high resolution and come in a wide range of punny and motivational messages. Both teachers and students are sure to be tickled pink!

Along with our totally awesome customisation, designs and printing, we also use premium quality label paper, with a sticky no-budge adhesive. 

Not only a great teaching tool for Teachers to nab for themselves, Teacher Stickers also make a great teacher gift to show a student or parent’s appreciation to some of the most important people in the world ~ YAY FOR TEACHERS!

Why are Tinyme Teacher Stickers the best teacher motivational stickers in the world?

  • Each Set contains 54 Stickers
  • Each Sticker is 32mm in diameter
  • Printed in High-Definition colour
  • Printed on Premium Quality Label Paper (NOT WATERPROOF)
  • Backed with a sticky no-budge adhesive
  • Customisable Teacher’s Name
  • A choice of fun puns and inspirational messages
  • Feel Good Factor  = 1 GAJILLION (to the power of 3)!
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