Square Photo Prints

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Get your photos out of your phone (or computer, or tablet) and into the real world with our square photo prints. We let you print photos with style. Whether it's cute baby shots, holiday snaps, a best friends wedding, or your top 12 random selfies... Our premium card stock is ready and waiting to turn your favourite memories into your favourite prints. Yay!

Pin them up, use them as gift cards, frame them, or just hand them out to strangers and spread some joy. Please note: Tinyme does not officially endorse the distribution of our square photo prints with random selfies to strangers.

• 12 Prints per pack. Want more? Just buy more packs!
• Digitally printed on premium card stock
• Print photos from your phone or computer
• Each Print is 94mm (3.7") x 94mm (3.7")

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